5I7588 Bearing Main Standard Fits Caterpillar 3064 3066

Description5I7588 Bearing Main-Standard Fits Caterpillar 3064 3066BR-CAT01C13 Main Bearing211-0587/8AL+CU14116BR-CAT02Con Rod Bearing2920484CU1293.7BR-CAT03C6.6 Main Bearing360-1978AL14 BR-CAT04Con Rod Bearing360-1564AL12 BR-CAT05C4.4 Con Rod Bearing329-7846AL8 BR-CAT063306 Main Bearing2323233A

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5I7588 Bearing Main-Standard Fits Caterpillar 3064 3066


5I7588 Bearing Main-Standard Fits Caterpillar 3064 3066

BR-CAT01C13 Main Bearing211-0587/8AL+CU14116
BR-CAT02Con Rod Bearing2920484CU1293.7
BR-CAT03C6.6 Main Bearing360-1978AL14 
BR-CAT04Con Rod Bearing360-1564AL12 
BR-CAT05C4.4 Con Rod Bearing329-7846AL8 
BR-CAT063306 Main Bearing2323233AL1497
BR-CAT07Con Rod Bearing4W5739CU1282.8
BR-CAT083116/C7 Main Bearing7W9416CU1495.02
BR-CAT09Con Rod Bearing7W9415CU1275.01
BR-CAT103066 Main Bearing517588CU1495
BR-CAT11Con Rod Bearing517637CU1264
BR-CAT12C6.4 Con Rod Bearing294-1748AL12 
BR-CAT13C9 Main Bearing151-2939AL+CU14112.013
BR-CAT14Con Rod Bearing213-3190CU1285.013
BR-CAT153406 Main Bearing4W5492CU14129.903
BR-CAT16Con Rod Bearing9Y9497CU12103.513
BR-CAT173204 Main Bearing1W0312CU1494.2
BR-CAT18Con Rod Bearing8N6308CU1274.73
BR-CAT193208 Main Bearing7E7894CU1494.2
BR-CAT20Con Rod Bearing4W8091CU1274.73
BR-CAT213116 Main Bearing7W9416AL1495.02
BR-CAT22Con Rod Bearing7W9415CU1275.01


Shipping Port: Shanghai
Packing: Neutural packing, or akhal packing
Lead time: 30 days

5I7588 Bearing Main-Standard Fits Caterpillar 3064 3066

5I7588 Bearing Main-Standard Fits Caterpillar 3064 3066


1. Are you manufacturer or trading company? If yes, in which city?

We are professional trading company, as well as manufacture. we have own factories.

We are able to mix different kinds of products(from different factories) together in one order. This will help clients save cost
on purchase.

2. Can I visit the factories ?

We warmly welcome customers visit us and the factories. Before you come here, please kindly tell me your schedule, we can
arrange for you. Our location in Hefei City, Anhui province.

Our city is 3 hours by train from Shanghai and Hangzhou, 2 hours by air from Guangzhou and Beijing.

3. Can you provide me your catalogue?

We specialize in the engine spares for Passagener car, Forklift, Agricluture instrument, Construction Machines.

Please contact us for catalogues.

4. How to do if I can't reach your minimum order quantity? What's your delivery time and payment terms?

Do not worry about that. If you can't reach MOQ for each item, we suggest you refer to our goods in stock and group sourcing
items. We also can send you the latest list of the prompt goods for your reference.These are also our hot selling items. You can
get them in lower price and smaller quantity. 

5. Can you help me make my own design? How about the sample fee and sample time?

Sure. We have a professional development team to design new items. And we've made OEM and ODM items for many customers.
You can tell me your idea or provide us the drawing. We will develop for you. As to the sample time is about 15-20 days. The
sample fee is charged according to the material and size of the product.

6. How about your quality guarantee?

We're 100% responsible for the damage of full container goods if it's caused by our improper package

7. Do you have the OEM/ODM ability
Yes, we could OEM / ODM



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